The SchoolsGoGreen project is in alignment with the 2019 EU GREEN DEAL Recommendation of the European Commission which encourages member states to uptake the challenge for a green transformation and transition towards a greener and healthier planet. Nowadays, solving ecological problems requires increase of peoples’ awareness, attitudes and knowledge about these issues. The project aims to promote a Green Oriented Framework to complement the 8 key competences, which will be related to the promotion of generic green skills. The project will also provide a complete Tool Kit with a Green Educational Pack promoting related knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in sustainable communities, new multi-media material, assessment procedures through the Open Badges and innovative activities for children, such as the Go Green Homes, Go Green Mummies, Be My Green Model etc.

Target Groups

Direct Target group: Primary school teachers and children (6-12 years old)

Indirect Target groups: Schools, NGOs, local authorities, parents’ associations, policy makers etc.


  • To help and support primary children and primary school teachers in creating their own Whole School Green Policy.
  • To promote an environmentally friendly mind-set that could contribute towards the protection of the environment and prevent climate change.
  • To equip pupils from a very young age with knowledge and competences to address environmental issues and challenges that affect their communities.
  • To upgrade teachers’ skills, as well as enhance their teaching methodologies and tools so that they can contribute to the protection of the environment.